Pleasant Events

Many people who focus greatly on achievement and perfectionism have difficulty in managing time e.g., being very rushed because they try to fit too much in; rarely planning time for rest/relaxation because they are so focused on always needing to achieve and feeling guilty for “wasting time” if they do pleasant things not directly related to their goals; or putting things off so that tasks don’t get done.

But everyone needs to have pleasant events in their life regularly to maintain a balance between achievement and relaxation. 

Here is a list of pleasant events. Tick the ones you could try, or start again if you used to do them and have stopped. Also try to come up with other options and include them in the blank spaces. These may be things you previously enjoyed but stopped doing, or something you always wanted to try, or something small that might make you feel good and cost no/little money.

Examples of pleasant activities Tick
Download a new album
Cook a nice meal
Go bike riding
Learn a language
Watch TV
Go swimming
Join a new club
Watch a DVD
Buy a bunch of flowers and arrange them
Go for a walk
Have a bath
Make a gift for someone
Read a magazine
Play tennis
Do a crossword puzzle
Light a scented candle
Have a coffee at your favourite café
Read a book
Play with a pet
Meet a friend for a meal
Play a board game
Start a new hobby
Listen to the radio
Go to a museum/art gallery
Go dance
Have a picnic
Draw or paint
Play a musical instrument
Go to the movies
Look at the Internet
Go window shopping
Go to the park
Have friends over for dinner
Bake a cake
Join a group to help others
Arrange old photos
Phone a friend
Do yoga



Now that you have thought of a range of pleasant things that you could do, include some of these in your time management schedule for this week. You might like to think at the end of the week about what impact doing a few pleasant things had on your mood.