Perfectionism is related to self-criticism. This reduces your chances of doing well because it can lead to procrastination, avoidance, tiredness, self-criticism and feeling bad about yourself. Perfection is not a realistic or healthy goal. Instead, we can learn to try our best, celebrate our imperfections and experience greater freedom in our lives.

Changing strict rules into flexible guidelines can bring you on a journey to flexibility and freedom – greater freedom to do your best, to love yourself, to be kind to yourself and to enjoy your life.

Here's a video reminding you that you don't have to be perfect!



In the end, it comes down to a choice. Do you want to keep punishing yourself while chasing an impossible goal? Or do you want to choose freedom from strict, harsh rules and goals in your life?

If you have been working towards freedom, it is likely that you are starting to see changes in your life such as having more freedom and flexibility without any big drops in performance.

If you have started to experience the benefits from this program, we encourage you to see this as the beginning of a continuing journey. Choosing freedom still requires hard work!