Have confidence in your ability to change perfectionism

The major fear that may hold people back from changing their perfectionism is that their lives will not work as well without it. One way of increasing your confidence about change is to value yourself as a person who can feel good about yourself across many life areas rather than just one or two e.g. how well you do in your studies.



A great benefit of spreading how you judge yourself as a person across many areas of your life is that you are no longer “putting all your eggs into one basket”. If you are judging yourself only on one or two areas of your life, then when things are not going well in these areas, you will be judging yourself harshly as a person. If you are putting your eggs in a few different baskets, then when things do not go right in one area, the chances are that something will be going fine/you are happy with your life in another area.

Credits: ritasalesluis.blogspot.sg

Credits: ritasalesluis.blogspot.sg

Area of lifeWhat do you want to be/do in this area?
My friends
My work/studies
My mental health
My relationship with my close friends
My relationship with my parents/siblings
Doing my part for the community
My spiritual life (if applicable)
My hobbies
My fitness, physical and nutritional health
Others (please explain)

Even if you still have some doubts, we encourage you to try this program out. You will soon be aware of change, and see the freedom and flexibility you will gain without a big decrease in performance. Once you see that these changes are helpful and improve your life, you can decide if you want to continue with further change.