A final way to free yourself from strict rules and all or nothing thinking is to learn to accept less than perfect performance. While doing your best at something is a way to feel good about yourself, basing how you feel about yourself on only one or two area(s) of performance can be very problematic.

Becoming more flexible and free will involve you learning to accept that performance cannot always be perfect, and that to have a more balanced life you may need to accept a level of performance that you might not be entirely happy.



Alison's Example

I am now willing to accept less than perfect performance in both these areas.

By accepting that I can be a good student and a good gymnast, but not needing to be the best student or unbeatable in my gymnastics, I am making a positive choice to have more balance in my life.




We hope that you try to accept that your performance cannot always be perfect and relax your strict rules. This will help you think and behave more flexibly, have more balance in your life and free you from strict rules.