Your stress profile and stress management plan

Now that we have learnt about your own stressors, symptoms of stress, ways of coping we want to put all these together and come up with your stress profile and stress management plan.

Here’s what usually happens in a stressful event:


  • Stressor: An event that got you stressed (life events/daily hassles)
  • Primary appraisal: Whether you think the situation is a problem or not
  • Secondary appraisal: Whether you think you can cope with the situation or not
  • Your stress response: Your thoughts, feelings, physical response, behaviours
  • Your coping response: Feeling-based coping, stress carrying, avoidance-based coping, problem-based coping
  • What happened: If your coping response is good, stress decreases and you feel better. If your coping response is unhelpful, your  stress will increase and the thoughts that you have about the event and yourself will become more negative. These vicious cycles keep the stress going.