Stress Reduction


You can also reduce your stress by:


Sometimes, when our time management gets out of hand, we don’t have time to eat properly and our sleep gets disrupted. We stay up all night finishing homework, and end up feeling tired and irritable the next day.

If this is happening to you, having more planning in your life can help you feel back in control. Decide on the time that you are going to bed, make sure you are eating regularly and sensibly, and build some exercise into your day.



Keeping a diary: 

This helps you plan what you’re going to do for the day. Remember to set some free time for relaxation!


Building in breaks and leisure: 

We need breaks in our day no matter how pressed we are, even if only 10 minutes for a cuppa. You will be much more efficient that way!

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Asking people for help: 

You don't have to be a superwoman and do everything yourself. There is no shame in asking other people for help and it can greatly reduce your stress and give you some time to breathe.


Saying “no”:

Some people have difficulty saying “no”. They often end up doing things that are not important/urgent to them, and having little time for what is important/urgent or just having some time to relax. We’ve learnt some assertive skills last session and here’s a refresher:

Remember that you have the right to say “no”, without even having to explain yourself. Just keep saying “no”. If the other person won’t stop, then say, “I’m sorry, but I have made my decision.” You can also try practising saying “no”: “I’m afraid not… that won’t be possible… I’m not able to help this time.. I won’t be able to make that… that’s not going to be possible.”