Stress and personality


Some people may think that personality is fixed. However, personality is just a habit to behave in certain ways or feel certain things, which can be changed. 

There are some personality types which are related to stress. The hardy personality, which includes commitment, control and challenge helps a person to cope better with stressful events and reduces the harmful effects of stress on their physical and mental health:




The degree to which people are responsible for and involved in all areas of their lives. Hardy people believe strongly in the importance and interest of what they are doing.


The degree to which people feel that they have control over what happens in their lives, with hardy people believing that they do have control in their lives.


The belief that change is good instead of bad, fun instead of dangerous. When hardy people have to change, they see it as a good move, rather than a bad one.



Optimism is related to stress. The more optimistic one is, that is believing that things will turn out well and that you have some control over the result. Optimists have a better sense of control over stress and are more likely to use good coping skills when stressed.

In general, people who are hardy and optimistic respond well to difficult events, be confident in themselves, believe they have some control over what happens and that things will turn out well rather than badly.

So what if you’re not like that? The good news is that these behaviours can be learnt, and depend heavily on how people see themselves and the event they are in. This thinking can be changed!