Hello and welcome to session 6!

So far we’ve learnt more about: how you respond to stress, what are the things that stress you out and how you cope with stress. We’ve also learnt to change your stressful thinking, stress-related behavior and manage stress in relationships.

Today we will learn to

Organize yourself and your time.


Let’s begin with a little quiz:

Yes No
1. Do you feel in control of your life?
2. Do you have enough time to spend with your family and friends?
3. Are you always on time for appointments?
4. Do you manage to complete your work on time?
5. Are you able to prioritize tasks and goals?
6. Are you able to say “no” to people’s requests?
7. Do you have time to relax?
8. Are you spending a lot of time on unimportant tasks?
9. Are you putting off tasks you need to do?
10. Are you spending too much or too little time on one activity?

If you have answered mostly “no” to Q1-7, and “yes” to Q8-10, time management may be an issue for you.