Life is stressful for all sorts of reasons and in all sorts of ways. Stress is in every area of our lives, our thinking, feelings, behaviour, our family and friends. Learning to understand it, and how best to deal with it will make a huge difference to the way you live.

Stress can take many forms and affect people differently.

Do you find that you... Yes
1. Get headaches
2. Have aches/pain in your arms and legs even though you hadn’t exercised
3. Feel tension in your neck and shoulders
4. Feel your stomach churning and have indigestion if you eat anything
5. Find that you’re getting more coughs and colds than you used to
6. Feel tense, anxious, nervy
7. Feel low or depressed
8. Feel irritable and get angry easily
9. Make mistakes doing things that should be straightforward
10. Find yourself unable to concentrate properly
11. Feel stupid and not good enough most of the time
12. Feel you can’t cope with everything you’ve got to do
13. Avoid difficult situations
14. Snap at people
15. Eat large amounts of chocolate and sweets
16. Never have time for anything you want to do

If you’ve answered YES to most of the questions, this program is for you since they are all common signs of stress.


“Overcoming stress” is an online guided self-help that helps you recognize when you’re feeling stressed and why, and how to better manage it.

We recommend you do 2 sessions a week over the next 4 weeks to best learn and use the skills in this program.