Revisiting your stress plan


Having finished the stress program, we encourage you to continue practising and developing your skills further. To recap, your stress management plan involves:

  1. Knowing what your stressors are: Which areas of your life are causing you the most difficulty, and could this be changed?
  2. Setting goals: What are your short- and long-term goals for this area?
  3. Choosing your methods: Does it require a change in your thinking, behaviour, coping style, or addressing relationships and time management?
  4. Self-care: This includes eating, exercising and sleeping well, relaxation time, attending to the positives and rewarding yourself!

Take some time to think through these questions:

What have you learnt about your stressors and how they affect you?
How far have you come towards achieving your short- and long-term goals (include examples)
What stress-reducing methods have you found helpful?
What steps have you taken, or plan to take to care for yourself?
What areas do you need to continue working on?
What stress-reducing methods have you found unhelpful, if any?

And remember, it will take a lot of effort and some setbacks to develop and maintain the new skills you have learnt from this program. But each time it will get easier. Don’t be discouraged!

You can always log back onto this program for a refresher. It is important for you to keep the helpful tools handy and to keep using them. 

You can also download the blank sheets of thought records, behavioural experiment here in case you need to use them or refer back to them.


We hope that you have enjoyed this program and have gotten something out of it to help you through life!