Problem solving


Sometimes worry can turn out to be problems that can be solved. Here are some ways to problem solve:

1. Write down the problem. Be clear and detailed about what the problem is. If possible, break it down into smaller problems.
2. Have you had a similar problem in the past? Do you have any personal skills to tackle it? Is there anyone who can help you? Write down all possible ideas, even if they seem silly or unlikely to work.
3. Choose an idea. Think about the pros and cons of each idea, how likely they are to succeed, and the time and effort they require. Then decide on one idea that you can put into action. It doesn’t have to solve the problem fully, as long as it moves you in the right direction.
4. Make a plan. Break the idea down into small, easy steps.
5. Do it!
6. Review the results. If your idea works, that’s great. Congratulate yourself and remember this experience for the future. If your idea does not solve the problem, review what happened. Does your plan need to be reworked? Remember that even if you haven’t solved the problem, you are at least facing up to it, and this is likely to help you solve it in the future