Hassles and uplifts

Apart from major events, daily activities can also be stressful. Hassles are events that annoy or bother you in your day-to-day life and can make you feel anxious, irritable and upset e.g., losing the powerpoint for your presentation tomorrow, getting stuck in a traffic jam, not getting enough sleep.

On the other hand, uplifts are happy events that can give you a lift and make you feel good. Like hassles, they can be minor events, but are helpful in reducing stress e.g., going to a party with friends, being praised for your school work, spending time relaxing.

Simply put,

 If hassles > uplifts, effect = negative (STRESS!!!)

 If hassles < uplifts, effect = positive (HAPPY!!!)

Here are some examples of hassles and uplifts

Area Hassles Uplift
Relationship Conflict with a friend/partner Being let down or rejected by a friend/partner
  • Support from a friend/partner
  • Giving support to a friend/partner
  • Receiving positive feedback
  • Pleasurable activities
  • Positive communication
Family Problems with parents/siblings
  • Having fun with parents/siblings
  • Family support
  • Overloaded with homework
  • Dissatisfied with performance
  • Meeting deadlines/goals
  • Not being able to find important notes
  • Use of your skills and ideas
  • Receiving positive feedback
  • Support from teachers
  • Being organized
Time Pressure
  • Too many things to do and not enough time
  • Not enough rest/sleep
  • Not enough time for friends/family/self
  • Having a good night’s sleep
  • Having a lie-in at the weekend
  • Time to enjoy social events
  • Chilling out/down time
  • Time to relax
  • Side effects of medication
  • Minor physical illness (flu)
  • Concerns about bodily functions
  • Concerns about physical abilities
  • Feeling physically well
  • Having energy
  • Exercising
Inner concern
  • Regrets about past decision
  • Concern about an inner conflict
  • Loneliness
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Fear of being rejected
  • Fear of confrontation
  • Worry about the future
  • Feeling a sense of well-being
  • Confident about decision-making
  • Feeling accepted and a sense of belonging
  • Able to communicate concerns and be understood
  • Letting worries go

Do you have more hassles or uplifts? 

Take a moment and think about your past week. Were there more hassles or uplifts? Are there things which stand out as major areas of stress for you? It may be helpful for you to reduce some of these hassles (if possible), and increase some uplifting activities this week!