Attending the positives


Stress tends to make us focus on the bad and forget the awesome! You can start keeping track every day of times when:

  • You manage to get something done
  • Something you do goes according to plan
  • Something you do goes better than expected
  • You do something that you think is worthwhile
  • You think of a solution to a problem
  • Somebody praises you
  • Somebody thanks you
  • You can ask someone for help
  • You see good qualities about yourself

Now that you’ve learnt some skills, choose the ones that you find the most helpful and that you enjoy the most and start using these skills. 



Reward yourself


Finding a way to give yourself positive rewards for what you are doing is also important. You send yourself the message that you are treating yourself well and that you are worth bothering.

Even doing simple things like going out for a walk when the sun is shining, having a long bath sends that positive message to yourself. Watch out for thoughts like: “I don’t deserve a reward for this – I should be doing this any way!” Think about what you might enjoy then do it!